Khaki Pyrmont

The Pyrmont Skirt is the latest skirt from Muna and Broad and is indeed my second brown Pyrmont (see the other one here)! When we were talking about our ideas for a woven skirt, we kept calling this one the ‘Japanese sewing book skirt’- it’s very much inspired by those very aesthetic books with patterns, but which we’ve never been able to sew from because they definitely don’t come in size fat!

Waikerie khaki Pyrmont-40
Pyrmont Skirt with ice-dyed Waikerie Shirt

When I was thinking about what fabric I’d use for the sample photos the Pyrmont Skirt, I went all out on a very thorough Pyrmont Pinterest Board and kept being drawn to pleated utility twill skirts. Like a manual labour school uniform, but much more compelling, I actually had the perfect shirting-weight twill fabric in my stash! It would have been too lightweight for pants, but was perfect for the Pyrmont! Where the pleats look quite delicate on my spotted brown skirt, they’ve ended up looking a lot like my twill inspo skirts (below)!

Forever searching out tension in outfits- I’ve mostly experimented with pairing this skirt with pinks of varying shades (things don’t look like utility clothing when worn with pink). I’d also love to experiment with a look that I’m going to call ‘UK-vibes’, which is reminiscent of UK-brands Toast or Margaret Howell (above). A seafoam knitted vest with long socks and flat leather oxfords? Definitely worth exploring.

Waikerie khaki Pyrmont-42

After putting not-so-hefty interfacing into the front of the waistband on my spotty Pyrmont, I went all out and used hefty interfacing that I had purchased for hat making into this waistband to make it extra crisp and self supporting. It was absolutely the right choice, and I kind of regret not putting something with a bit more heft into my first waistband.

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By Jess, fat.bobbin.girl

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