Flat Shoe Style: High-top Converse style

As part of my ‘Flat Shoe Style’ blog series here on my blog, I’ve previously covered Sporty sneaker style, white sneaker style, slip-on sandals (Birkenstocks), and after an extensive hunt on my local 2nd-hand marketplace, High-top Converse!

The Muna and Broad Whitlam Skirt with a peach Waikerie Shirt and black Torrens Box Top

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I’ve started a Pinterest Board of fat bodies with flat shoes (separated into different styles of shoes), and I’ve been sharing more outfit pics on Instagram using the hashtag #FatFlatShoe and adding ‘Guides’ (which you can find on my profile under the tab next to the Reel tab).

L-R Waikerie Shirt w/ Glebe Pants, Waikerie Shirt with Sculthorpe Pants, Lobethal Shirt with RTW jeans

These shoes with pants might feel like a ‘of course that works’ kind of thing, but I was quite skeptical actually! I find that I don’t enjoy ankle-height boots with my pants- somehow it feels weird to skip that flash of skin between pants and shoes (This interesting episode talks about that), so I’m glad that didn’t happen here!

I’ve been loving my big Lobethal Shirts with some RTW jeans that I recently discovered came in my size (read more on the insta post)!

Muna and Broad converse
Waikerie Shirt (View A) with Pyrmont Skirt

I have actually had these shoes, and these photos, for a while now and they’ve been on my instagram for a month! I held off on posting because I wanted to include these pictures but the Pyrmont Skirt wasn’t released to the public yet. Now it is well-and-truly released and I can tell you that I enjoy how the converse subvert what feels otherwise quite girly (girl pairs edgy shoes with otherwise lovely outfit to prove she’s unique and very interesting.. it’s not exactly groundbreaking, but it’s still true).

These shoes would be getting a whole lot more wear if they weren’t so dang uncomfortable. Give me arch support and room for my toes!

By Jess, fat.bobbin.girl

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