Pyrmont Skirt

The Pyrmont Skirt is the latest skirt from Leila and I through Muna and Broad. During the launch week M&B email newsletter subscribers have 15% off and M&B Patreon Insiders and Makers save 25% on all patterns at all times!

Muna and Broad converse
Pyrmont Skirt with Waikerie Shirt (View A)

This crisp cotton sateen is an 86gsm (2oz) shirting-weight fabric which has a subtle sheen while being opaque, which I think it important in a skirt. I had 3m of this 110cm wide fabric (only a remnant remains on sale, and not enough to replicate this skirt).

I made a Size G, which matches my hip measurement on the M&B size chart, and this pattern was made with no other changes to the pattern.

The Pyrmont Skirt print file is a low-print eco pattern which minimises the amount of paper you’ll need to print out, while also giving you a full pleating schematic to ensure that the pleating is a breeze! It’s also not entirely rectangles- the back pattern piece is shaped at the top to ensure that your hem hangs straight (instead of slightly higher in the back, which happens so often in ‘Size Fat’ skirts like this).

Pyrmont Skirt with merino Atrax Top

This brown spotty number was the first Pyrmont Skirt that I sewed up- I wanted a fabric that wasn’t overly feminine- I guess to subvert the ‘skirt’ factor. Brown was what came to mind, though with the spots and the sheen of the fabric it’s come up looking quite delicate and dressy. I’m hoping that the chocolate brown will pair well within my wardrobe (my current mood is dusky and musky (which is a step above dusty and musty).

In total I’ve made 3 Pyrmont Skirts, so stay-tuned for details of the others over the next few days.

By Jess, fat.bobbin.girl

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