Flat Shoe Style: Slip-on sandals

As part of my ‘Flat Shoe Style’ blog series here on my blog, today I’m talking slip on sandals, including Birkenstock style sandals.

Waikerie and Herringbone Glebes-088
Waikerie Shirt & Glebe Pants
M&B outfits-43
Glebe Pants, Tarlee T-Shirt and Belmore Jacket
Waikerie and Herringbone Glebes-034
Hacked Waikerie Shirt & Glebe Pants

I pulled my Birkenstock sandals out of the dark wardrobe after my little ankle break last year. I find them really easy to style with things- and they’re quite ‘in’ right now! Unfortunately, I wore through the soles in less than 2 months on the gold pair so I won’t be purchasing any more of these. I also find that they encourage me to claw foot up while I’m wearing them, which just makes my gait worse…. But, they are cute and easy to pair with things if they work for you!

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I’ve started a Pinterest Board of fat bodies with flat shoes (separated into different styles of shoes), and I’ve been sharing more outfit pics on Instagram using the hashtag #FatFlatShoe and adding ‘Guides’ (which you can find on my profile under the tab next to the Reel tab).

Melba gathered top-23
Glebe Pants & hacked Melba Dress top
Pink Atrax and squiggle skirt-02
Atrax Top and Whitlam Skirt

I’ve also lumped these yellow slip-on shoes into this category because I think their vibe is similar to slip on Birkenstocks, and also because they’ve subsequently broken so I can’t take more photos so they can have their own post. The best thing about these shoes is the ridiculous bright colour- they were so fun for bringing a pop to any outfit! In the back of my mind I’ve catalogued the ‘radioactive sandal’ to the future shoe wishlist.

Glebe Pants September-100
Glebe Pants & hacked Melba Dress top
Glebe Pants September-037
Torrens Box Top & Glebe Pants

By Jess, fat.bobbin.girl

http://www.broadintheseams.com/ https://www.instagram.com/fat.bobbin.girl/

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  1. Following your ‘flat shoe’ adventures with great interest. I’ve had problems with Birks as well and find the style with the 2 straps over the front really tricky to keep on. I have to kind of shuffle rather than stride out. I’ve had better success with the ones with the toe bit that goes over your big toe as far as walking goes. I’ve also found the brand Mephisto lasts longer for me than Birkenstocks. Love the radioactive shoes. Might think about those for next summer. It’s a bit ‘Brrr’ in Sydney Aus for open shoes at the moment.

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