Bodycon-ish dress

If the Tarlee T-Shirt and the Whitlam Skirt from Muna and Broad had a baby, this would be it. This bodycon-ish maxi-length dress has just arrived as an Insider & Maker Patreon Pattern Bonus expansion for our popular Tarlee T-Shirt pattern.

Bodyconish Dress-19

Joining as an Insider or Maker on the Muna and Broad Patreon supports our work, and also gets you access to our previous monthly pattern bonuses. The M&B Patreon is what makes it all possible for us, and especially for me.

More fitted than our usual patterns, I was surprised how much I enjoy wearing this dress, because it’s black but also because it’s not my usual oversized linen vibe. I’m visibly fat in the dress, it hugs my back fat as it goes down and follows the curves of my hip padding on the way down. Depending on how I’m standing, you can see my lower belly overhang outline, and the upper part of my B-belly is visible.

Bodyconish Dress-41

The Tarlee T-Shirt also has the shaped centre-back seam so that the tee wraps around a curved upper back and ensures that the neckline curves in and sits flush against the neck. Once you experience it you can’t stop spotting garments which DON’T do this.

It’s not entirely bodycon, it does drape at some points, there’s not negative ease all the way down. But, it’s bodycon-ish and I’m quite enjoying it.

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By Jess, fat.bobbin.girl

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  1. Love the Tarlee T. Have mad long sleeve turtlenecks, 3/4 sleeve tees and my new favorite is extending it for a knee length nightgown. About to start a summer weight for anticipated warmer nights xoxox

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