Whitlam knit skirt

Pattern number 30 from Leila and me is here: The Whitlam Skirt from Muna and Broad. I didn’t think it could be done but Leila has drafted a knit tube skirt that doesn’t want to crawl up under my belly overhang. Pure magic.

Atrax red ribbed knit skirt-025

Clearly the first version of the Whitlam Skirt that I shared needed to be this entirely red ribbed version with a matching Atrax Top. Is it a bit much to say that I feel very sexy in this combo? Probably, but I’m standing by it. I love how the Atrax makes me feel elevated and fancy and I feel like my bum appreciates that curved centre back seam for excellent cupping.

Atrax red ribbed knit skirt-034

The fabric I used is a super stretchy polycotton with ribs from Backstreet Bargains here in NZ. The ribbed pattern is intentionally uneven, which brings a nice texture to the fabric and that shade of warm red… I’m enjoying its boldness.

You can kind of sandwich the Atrax and Whitlam pattern pieces together while you’re cutting your pattern out because the back of both patterns is made up of 2 pieces! I had 3m of this fabric and ended up with leftovers but I could have cut with less abandon and used even less.

Atrax red ribbed knit skirt-036

Size details: My current measurements are 50″ bust 48″ waist 59″ hip. I made a Size F in the Atrax but if I lose that pattern then I’ll print a Size G next time since I’ve gone up a size. I made a Size G in the Whitlam and used the Fit 2 back piece which is for folks who have a relatively smooth transition down my bum (as opposed to having a butt shelf).

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