Atrax Dress

I mashed up the Atrax Dress with the View B cocoon view of the Hexham Dress (plus some length) to make a Leila-inspired minimalist dress from a French Terry from a local Facebook destash group.

Atrax Dress-21

I hate hacking, I’d rather have pattern bonuses or pattern pieces to work from instead of relying on myself to think of all the things I need to think of. The front ended up longer than the back at the side seams (no idea how), so I cut that off and then added a deep hem. I had imagined adding pockets, but I’m lazy (and have I mentioned that I hate hacking?) and I hate guesstimating where a pocket should go on the fly.. I also knew that pockets would collapse the sides of the dress so that thought drove my laziness.

For this Atrax/Hexham mashup, I kind of joined the two patterns at the armpit and I lengthened the dress by 28cm (far too much, it turns out, even with a 1.5″ hem and having to cut the extra length from the front). I didn’t bring the side seams back in as I got closer to the bottom, so the cocoon shape is very lost/subtle.

Atrax Dress-24

I cut out a Size E for both the Atrax and Hexham Dress, which matches up to my full bust measurement. There’s plenty of ease in the Hexham dress, and that’s translated over here.

I’m not usually big into dresses, but now that I’ve got Dulcie Boxer Briefs to wear under them, that’s a bit like having pants under them…. so maybe they’ll be fine now?

Atrax Dress-15

By Jess, fat.bobbin.girl

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