Chalk and Notch Max

It’s not very often that I see a pattern for the first time and sew up a pattern that same day.. Mostly because the vast majority of my makes are Muna and Broad, and I see those before I get to sew them (and I don’t have to buy the patterns).

I spotted this pink muscle tee on Romy and headed directly to the Chalk and Notch website. I downloaded it, printed it on my A0 printer, made some quick pattern modifications and then whipped it up! I’d stashed away this hefty printed cotton from a Facebook Fabric Group (only sells in NZ, sorry), so I was basically ready to go!

Chalk and Notch Max front and back
Sometimes you get fancy camera photos and today you’re getting the front camera of my phone balanced on a clothes horse in my bathroom.

My measurements: I gave a 43″ upper bust and 49″ bust and my largest hip measurement is 58″ today.

Size made: My upper bust and full bust measurement put me between a Size 18 and Size 20 with the C/D cup but because I have quite narrow shoulders I went with the Size 18 as my base size. I graded out to a size 30 in the hips, and I also did the adjustment you’d use to remove a dart (there is no dart) and used that to swing the side seam of the front piece out to give myself even more width through the waist/hip. There was no finished measurement given for the waist or hip in the instructions (just a note that there was 12″ of ease through the waist), so I measured the pattern pieces instead.

Fabric Usage: I only had 1m of fabric and the instructions said I’d need 1.4 for my bust size. I didn’t fold the fabric in half, but put 2 folds in that would give me just enough fabric to squeeze in my front and back pieces across the width. The I did serious Tetris to also get the facings from the same fabric. I ended up cropping it quite a bit (I cut out the longer version) to a spot where I was happy with it to intersect with my Glebe Pants.

Chalk and Notch Max

Is this a win? The front neckline doesn’t sit flush, the back neckline doesn’t curve around my rounded upper back and I’ve got quite a bit of gaping at the back armhole. Will I still wear this? Maybe. I liked the simplicity of the facings (I didn’t interface them because I’m the worst but also because my fabric had quite a bit of body) and this was such a quick sew. If I made this again I might add some width/swing into the back to give myself a touch more room, but I’m not sure how to deal with the armhole gaping!

By Jess, fat.bobbin.girl

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