Tarlee Funnel Neck

Every month Leila and I release a pattern bonus to our Insider and Maker level Patreon supporters! I love this perk because it means that every month Leila’s making great pattern add-ons that can extend the versatility of my T’n’T patterns! The March Patreon Pattern Bonus from Muna and Broad is a funnel neck add-on for our Tarlee T-Shirt pattern!

When I was trying to style photos of my wool Birchgrove Pants, I decided that a purple merino would work well and would conveniently fit in with my colour scheme (plum being one of the accent colours)!

Tarlee Funnel Neck//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

The Tarlee T-Shirt comes with an inset piece so you can slot on the turtleneck-neckpiece, instead of having to keep track of a tiny sliver of paper and stick it back on perfectly when you want to make the other version again. This also means you only have to print out one front and one back body piece- you’re not printing multiple pages to get one tiny different detail. The inset also means you can choose any size turtleneck to match with any size body pieces. So your turtleneck can be as tight or as loose as you like. The funnel neck add-on for the Tarlee makes this a super-quick sew, and means you get to skip easing in a neckline. Because of the funnel neck shape, it also means you don’t have a seam near your neck, which is extra comfie if you don’t like things close to your neck!

Tarlee Funnel Neck//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

Fabric: This is Iris coloured ZQ Premium Merino fabric from The Fabric Store. I purchased 1.4m of this fabric, and I cut my pieces on the open, instead of on the fold, which saved me a bit of fabric. It was nighttime and I had poor lighting when I cut this out, I didn’t think there was a perceivable right-and wrong side, but the light of day proved me wrong. I do have enough fabric left to recut 1/2 of the back so that I don’t have an accidentally colour-blocked merino.

Size: Since the Tarlee T-Shirt is designed for the shoulders to hit at your shoulders, I sized down to a Size E at the shoulder/bust, grading out to Size G at the hip.

By Jess, fat.bobbin.girl

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