Classic white Tarlee T-Shirt

The Muna and Broad Tarlee T-Shirt is now here! For launch week, you can use the code TURTLENECK to get 15% off the Tarlee.

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Designed for layering, or wearing alone- the Tarlee T-Shirt comes with crewneck, turtleneck, long-sleeve and short-sleeve options.

The Tarlee is a fitted tee, which has a center-back seam to allow for a closer-fitting layer. This makes the Tarlee more versatile for layering, but it’s still a great shape for wearing along.

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Fabric: This white organic cotton/elastane jersey from A+R Fabric is excellently opaque and nicely hefty. The weight of this fabric feels like a nice expensive t-shirt, and you can’t see my red and pink bra through it, even when it’s stretched. The Tarlee calls for knits with 2 or 4 way stretch, the bonus being that any leftovers can be used for M&B undies! In my size, a short-sleeve T-shirt will take 1.2metres of 150cm wide fabric.

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Size: Since the Tarlee T-Shirt is designed for the shoulders to hit at your shoulders, I sized down to a Size E at the shoulder/bust, grading out to Size G at the hip. The length of the Tarlee is long enough for wearing your T-Shirt untucked, but you could also shorten at the shorten/lengthen lines if you normally wear your tees with high-waisted pants!

These pink linen Glebe Pants

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I whipped up these bright pink linen Glebe Pants in a couple of hours (including cutting) to pair with this T-shirt. I always forget what a ridiculously quick project the Glebe are, and I made View B! View B has pleats at the front and you add interfacing to the front of the waistband so that it sits flat. Until now, I’d only made View B in wool fabric, but I think it makes for a classy looking pair of summer pants!

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