Leather Breve Bag

A Muna and Broad Breve Bag, Waikerie Shirt and Sculthorpe Pants Leila sent me this gorgeous leather bag made from the Muna and Broad Breve Bag pattern which she designed. The bag is designed t be in proportion with larger bodies, and has the added benefit of having enough room for your stuff (not like…… Continue reading Leather Breve Bag

All Well Bucket Bag & Pear Pouch Hacked

I’ve been working on sewing up two almost identical Mini All Well Bucket Bags for some cute young relatives that we’ll call French nieces for the sake of ease. I used these adorable ‘Ta-Da’ labels from Kylie and the Machine because I hope those will span the language barrier and improvised a way to line…… Continue reading All Well Bucket Bag & Pear Pouch Hacked