Leather Breve Bag

Breve Bag
A Muna and Broad Breve Bag, Waikerie Shirt and Sculthorpe Pants

Leila sent me this gorgeous leather bag made from the Muna and Broad Breve Bag pattern which she designed. The bag is designed t be in proportion with larger bodies, and has the added benefit of having enough room for your stuff (not like those bags where you have to choose between your phone or wallet)!

The leather will change over time and will start to colour up, which is something I love about my leather shoes. Now that NZ is out of lockdown, I’ve found that this is my grab-and-go bag, as it’s big enough for all my stuff, but not a pain to carry around.

Breve Bag

The bag can also be worn around the hips like a bum bag/fanny pack, depending on where you’re from. I can totally see myself wearing this full of change for when I work at a small shop in the countryside!

The bag is currently $2 and all the proceeds (after shopify and paypal takes their cut) will go to different charities. From now until the 31st August proceeds will go to Tjanpi Desert Weavers. To see what they do, or to make your own donation, you can visit their site here.

By Jess, fat.bobbin.girl

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