All Well Bucket Bag & Pear Pouch Hacked

All Well Bucket Bag Take 2

I’ve been working on sewing up two almost identical Mini All Well Bucket Bags for some cute young relatives that we’ll call French nieces for the sake of ease. I used these adorable ‘Ta-Da’ labels from Kylie and the Machine because I hope those will span the language barrier and improvised a way to line the bags (I’d change some things next time).

Pear Pouch from Sarah Kirsten

I used some of the leftover fabric Llama (or are they Alpacas?) fabric to make little zipper pouches for the girls using Sarah Kirsten’s free Pear Pouch pattern but I simply skipped the step at the end that creates the cute base that her pouches stand on, so these are basically just lined (in the same fabric as the bucket bags, naturally), french seamed pouches.

I also used this tutorial from Sarah Kirsten on sewing cute fabric covers over the ends of my zippers instead of the method outlined in the Pear Pouch instructions. A lot of people got Pear Pouches from me for Christmas (because it’s a great way to use up leftover fabric & I was especially poor at the time), so since I’ve made at least 10 Pear Pouches, I think I can wholeheartedly recommend the pattern!

These little bags and pouches will be heading off to France on Monday (after a bit of time with the iron), and I hope they’ll amuse the kids at least!

By Jess, fat.bobbin.girl

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