Gusset pocket Lobethal

Cobalt pocket Lobethal Whitlam-74

The pockets came before the shirt, but got attached after the shirt was already constructed. Confusing? Yes.

I made these blue pockets when I was photographing the method for making them for Muna and Broad Patreons. Leila had digitised my pocket pattern which I used to add a cargo pocket to my TDCO Glebe Pants.

Then the Lobethal Shirt happened and I had enough fabric leftover after mocking up the pockets to make a whole cobalt blue shirt with pockets.

Cobalt pocket Lobethal Whitlam-62

I knew I didn’t have long to wait and think about the pockets because the shirt would fade and change with washing and wearing, so while the iron was hot I added these two massive gusseted breast pockets to the front.

If you already hated the Lobethal, then I don’t think that my addition of pockets is going to save it for you- it will likely make it worse. I find that it cracks me up by playing with proportions- massive shirt, massive pockets. It’s probably why I’ve also added some massive earrings for these photos.

Cobalt pocket Lobethal Whitlam-88

The inspo behind the whole shirt with its massive pockets? This blue RM Williams shirt which gives me strong nostalgic childhood memories.

By Jess, fat.bobbin.girl

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