Spotted Hexham Dress

The cocoon view of the new Muna and Boad Hexham Dress!

What I’ve made here is View B with the cocoon hem, the long sleeves, and the T6 turtle cut into a mockneck (it’s half as high as a turtle). The Hexham Dress has 2 views, 3 sleeve lengths and 2 neck options (plus a mockneck).

Spotted Hexham-18

You can read more about the design, the fabric, and see my other version here. I imagined that this spotty cocoon would be perfect paired with tights and boots for winter, maybe snuggled under some boiled wool?

The fabric I used from Backstreet Bargains in NZ is mostly sold out (there’s 1 metre left), and it’s a cotton knit with 5% spandex which feels quite silky and cool to the hand (almost like a bamboo). Bamboo would make a great Hexham too, but I didn’t manage to find the perfect shade of bamboo knit to make this dress in!

Spotted Hexham-24

Size details: Leila came up with a fancy way for folks to choose their optimal turtleneck fit for our Tarlee T-Shirt. This inset method with multiple turtleneck size options continues with the Hexham Dress . I used the T6, which is the largest turtle option to make a mockneck (which is half the height of a turtleneck).

I made a Size E with a pivot adjustment for my narrow shoulders and hollow upper chest

Spotted Hexham-07

Above, the wind wanted to show you my spotty bum. I like the almost optical illusion effect of these all over spots, and since I’m basically twinning with, I think there’ll likely be a twins photoshoot in our future!

By Jess, fat.bobbin.girl


  1. Would love to know more about pivot adjustment for narrow shoulders. My constant struggle is narrow shoulders + big boobs. Thanks in advance!

    1. I can’t give much information, I’m afraid since Leila did it for me after I sent her pictures. It may not work for folks with a big bust and probably isn’t useful on woven patterns.

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