Dulcie Boxer Briefs

The Dulcie Boxer Briefs are new from Leila and me and they’re basically my ideal boxer short, which happens to be the perfect chub rub short! They’re also 15% off during launch week, no discount necessary!

Kits containing everything you need for the Dulcie and also the custom M&B elastic on its own is available from Nellie Joans in NZ.

The elastic we had custom made for us here in NZ, from the same manufacturer that NZ-brand Thunderpants uses for their men’s boxer briefs. My ex has undies that I bought him in early 2017 (or late 2016) from there and although the fabric is close to death, the elastic is still going strong! Basically, I knew it was made to last, so I’m thrilled to be able to use it on my undies!

Dulcie Boxer Briefs-55

Envisaged as both undies and also chub-rub shorts, the Dulcie are basically a 2-in-1. There’s a large gusset which eliminates the inner-thigh seam (to cut down on chafing), and I’ve had no issues with the legs creeping up and they’ve also been wedgie free! They’re basically the shorts I wish I had on all those holidays where I was chafed or wearing sweat-enducing polyester shorts to stop chafing.

Dulcie Boxer Briefs-10

Both Leila and I love natural fibres and we hated that all the chub rub shorts on the market were a synthetic blend which did stop chub rub but which also made us extra sweaty and swampy. Most of my undies have been from a bamboo or modal mixed with spandex, apart from the black ones, below, which are made from merino with 5% spandex. There’s less stretch in the merino so the rise is slightly less high and tends to want to slip down a bit, but the qualities of the merino (anti-bacterial, wicking, etc) are worth it.

Dulcie Boxer Briefs-45

There’s 2 square labels in the ChCh Sews shop which are basically the perfect size for adding to the back of the elastic to hide the join. I’m also thinking about adding a hang label (maybe a greyhound one) to the bottom hem on the front of one of the legs. Totally unnecessary additions but I’m really quite tickled by how these have the look of RTW but with the comfort of self-sewn.

Are there matching Banksia Bralettes in my future with the new M&B elastic around the bottom? There absolutely are.

By Jess, fat.bobbin.girl

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  1. I love these. They stay put. I am in the process of making a bathing suit with these as a bottom and a banksia top.

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