What I learnt from MMMayPlus2020

For Me Made May this year, I pledged to take photos of my outfits and not repeat any outfits and I mostly managed to make good on those aims, apart from on the weekends when I would often wear lounge-wear for most of the weekend whilst sewing or cooking.

I found the month much easier to get through thanks, in no small part, to working-from-home! I shared photos over on my instagram grid and in my stories and although my photos from the month were pretty un-inspiring on the whole, I did have some interesting takeaways about my me-made wardrobe during the month.

Thing I learnt during Me Made May

Flynn Jacket
  1. I have so many more me-made clothes that I love now! I was so much happier wearing me-made this May than I was last year during my first MMMay!

2. I feel a lot more comfortable with the style of clothes that I’m making. I’ve found a lot more patterns that feel like ‘me’, instead of simply being things that came in my size, or which were ‘flattering’ but not something I really wanted to wear.

3. My clothes are so much better made than a year ago! They fit better, they’re better finished (neater inside and out), and they look less ‘home-made’ and are generally much more appropriate for work!

Nullabor Cami

4. Working from home makes it easier to get dressed! May is Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere and I found it much easier to ‘pick an outfit’ while I was working from home. Whether I’m planning to dress warmly for my commute or wear waterproof because it’s raining out, it all adds a stressful dimension in the morning. Most days I didn’t even look up the weather before getting dressed.

5. Picking shoes is my kryptonite! I have shoes that I love to wear, and which work well in summer with my pants (which are mostly cropped). I basically didn’t wear shoes for the whole month of May and I realised how much easier it was to plan outfits when I wasn’t having to pick shoes to go with them!

6. I should explore more texture combinations! I’m quite particular, and generally have a lot of strong feelings about things, and I’ve always really struggled with combining linen and tencel textures, especially if the smooth/tencel fabric was on the bottom.

7. I still have wardrobe orphans to work on! And there are some items that I need to try to match with more items to make them more versatile! My natural-coloured linen Glebe Pants are my wardrobe work-horses and I’d like to have a few more pairs of pants which are as flexible.

Marsala Pembroke

8. I do still have wardrobe gaps. Even though I’ve got lots of clothes, the cooler weather kicked me in to action to finally sew up some of the cool-weather clothes like merinos that were appropriate for layering, and I’m still on the hunt for the perfect winter coat pattern too.

In other great news, my May was also filled up with the joy of coordinating a blog full of amazing fat sewing voices over at www.FatSewing.Club and at @FatSewing.Club on Instagram. Do take a look!

By Jess, fat.bobbin.girl

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