Week 1 of MMMayPlus2020

My aim for Me Made May this year is to keep track of my outfits and not repeat an outfit. I’m hoping that this will help me identify items I wear a lot, gaps in my wardrobe and new combinations of my existing clothes.

Above, Willandra Pants and a hacked Torrens Box Top, both Muna and Broad patterns

I started off on day 1 with grand plans of sketching each of my outfits. This plan quickly evaporated as I realised that I was going to be very busy coordinating things for FatSewing.Club!

I also moved photo location from inside my dimly lit sewing room to outside the front door of my apartment. I take about 30 second each morning to take 2 or 3 selfies using the front camera and timer on my cell phone, and usually don’t get around to posting the photo until I take my first tea break of the morning. This means there’s not much time for anything special (and often I don’t even bother to put shoes on.

L to R Torrens Box top and Glebe Pants, Torrens Box Top and Elbe Textiles Page Dress, Cashmerette Montrose Top with Sculthorpe Pants and not-yet-released Mallee Coat with Sculthorpe Pants

OnTuesday, we launched the new Willandra Pants from Muna and Broad, and it was great to be able to share more pictures of them (since I was wearing them a lot before we got in to May as well). The hardest time I had was getting photos over the weekends, as I usually wear a variety of me-made outfits which change throughout the day, depending on what I’m doing.

Clockwise from top left, hacked Grainline Hemlock and Sculthorpe Pants, RTW sweater and Willandra Pants, not-yet-released Nullabor Cami with Willandra Pants and Elbe Textiles Cornell Shirt and Willandra Pants

On Saturday I started sewing while I was still wearing my pyjamas (a PaperTheory LB Pullover in black sweatshirt material and blue Glebe Pants that just didn’t really work in my wardrobe), and then moved in to outfits appropriate for quick try-on sessions with the green cami (above) that I was working on.

So far, it hasn’t been a challenge to dress in me made clothes, especially because I’m working from home where I don’t need to take in to account the temperature of our generally frigid office, or a clothing and shoes match which is appropriate for walking to work (and aforementioned cold office)! All in all, it’s been a nice distraction to spend a little bit more time thinking about my me-made outfit for the day ahead!

By Jess, fat.bobbin.girl

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