Amarante double gauze Montrose

Double Gauze Montrose 2

This gorgeous double gauze, ‘Stardust Amarante’, came from Miss Maude in New Zealand’s North Island and its usage in combination with the Montrose is entirely inspired by/plagiarised from Plum Kitchen who made this exact top in the mustard colourway (she actually has tonnes of inspiring Montrose tops (and other clothes), you should definitely check out her blog).

Double Gauze Montrose 1

I actually sewed this top up before I sewed up the cloud rayon A-line Montrose Hack, so this top has the lengthened arms (but not as lengthened as the rayon version) and front and back facings, but doesn’t have the extra width through the hips.

Double Gauze Montrose Label

I also took the opportunity to use this cute pink ‘Sewing is sexy‘ label from Kylie and the Machine, since red & pink is a great match!

Size Details: I use the C/D cup bodice in a size 20, grading out to size 22 at the hips. I’m also using the Full Bicep sleeve, with extended length.

By Jess, fat.bobbin.girl


  1. Lovely top! How does the fabric behave with wear? Does it get wrinkly or stay smart looking?

    1. Great question Rachel! I was very worried about the same thing, but I think because there’s 2 layers it never seems to get crushed looking. I definitely don’t iron it between wears, but unlike the rayon version I made it looks pretty presentable even after it’s spent days screwed up on my ‘clothes desk’! I hope that helps!

      1. I think I may have to be inspired by you in turn then! I love these sparkly Atelier Brunette fabrics. I made a Blackwood cardigan in the sparkle jersey fabric and I really love it.

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