MMMay Hacks or Free accessories patterns

Maybe you’ve signed up for Me-Made-May this year and you’re wondering how on earth you’re going to “wear” a handmade item every day. Or maybe you just like to make your own stuff. Here are a few free accessories sewing patterns, or ‘free patterns that you can sneak into your Me-Made-May since you wear them and they’re handmade!’

Elbe Textiles’ Sorrento Bucket Hat

Is it warm and sunny where you are? Lauren from Elbe has great instructions and comes up with lovely finishes, so maybe you need a hat in your MMMay wardrobe rotation?

DIY Scarf from Mood Fabrics

In addition to showing you how to sew the scarf, it shows a few different ways to style the scarf!

Tie & Bow Tie from Named Clothing

Can you or will you rock a tie or bow tie? If you could benefit from some custom neck accessories from Named!

1-Hour Plus Size Pleated Velour Skirt from Mood Fabrics

Not really an accessory but can you really argue with a 1 hour skirt that looks this good?

Ohhh Lulu Lingerie’s Clara Sleep Mask

If you haven’t worn anything me made all day, you could consider wearing me made all night?

Oscar de la Renta inspired earrings from Mood

A little bit of a different project from your average sewing day, but maybe a good jumping off point for other sewing related earrings?

Helen’s Closet’s Granger Bag

I felt like I’d stumbled upon gold when I found this pattern! This bag is perfect for sliding your books into, but could absolutely be your me-made item of the day!

Morning Glory Top from Sarah Kirsten

This top is such a quick sew (even for me), that you could really sew it together in a hot minute.

Bento Bag with Handles from Sew in Love

If you carry your lunch around in this, I’d say that counts. Also, what a cute way to carry things around! (You have to sign up for her newsletter for the code)

Melly Sews Infinity Scarf DIY

A simple sew and an accessory that you could style with many outfits! Pick a fabric that will go with lots of different outfits and you’ll have an easy solution to your ‘I have nothing me made to wear’

The Fabric Store’s Japanese Style Aprons

Have you got a day in the kitchen (or in the shopfront or garden) planned?

Although I know I’d fill these pockets with flour as soon as I stepped into a kitchen wearing this, it could definitely be your handmade item for the day (and beyond)!

Bag Öland from Schnittchen Patterns

This falls into my ‘if you carry it around all day, it counts’ category!

What other sneaky free patterns have I missed? Let me know in the comments below!

By Jess, fat.bobbin.girl

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