Papercut Kochi

Papercut Kochi Silk

I wear this jacket all the time. Since it’s pure silk, it works for all weather- it’s cool when I’m warm and it’s warm when I’m cold. Another benefit of silk is that it can be casual or more fancy. I truly wear this at least once a week, if not more.

The pattern is the Kochi “Kimono”[sic] by Papercut Patterns.

Kochi Kimono in Sandwash Silk

This pattern isn’t made in my size and these days I wouldn’t buy it. Back in 2017 I was weak-willed (perhaps less stubborn), and there were so many lovely versions online that I was swayed to give it a go.

Give it a go I did. I think I’ve sewed 5 versions of this, but these days I wear only 2 of them. Since it wasn’t drafted with me in mind, it doesn’t fit like the versions online that I loved. For this silk version I added width through the back, added a huge neck ‘cuff’ and lengthened the sleeves so that they cover my tattoos.

Papercut Kochi Silk 2

I’ve sewn my final version of this ill-fitting pattern, and fed the paper pattern pieces into my worm farm. I’m on the hunt for a new go-to un-structured jacket if you have any recommendations.

Size Details: I sewed the XL which is drafted for a 46.5″ hip. I made significant pattern adjustments and am wearing it here with a 47″ bust and 54″ hip.

By Jess, fat.bobbin.girl


  1. Your makes are all so wonderful! I especially need to have something like this in my closet, but I was wondering what kind of silk fabric it it? Thanks for sharing your makes and process!

    1. Thanks very much Becky! The label when I bought it said that it was a ‘sandwashed raw silk’, but I’ve never been able to find anything similar!

      1. I have a RTW floor length cape out of black washed raw silk that I never wear. I have it in my bag for alterations (was gonna hem it shorter, or at least even the hem). Seeing your jacket just made me realize that I actually have a great big piece of sewable fabric to make something else out of!! So excited! Thanks!!!

      2. It’s so nice to be able to wear silk on the day-to-day! Good luck with your reworking!

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