Ethel Designer Pants

Style Arc Ethel Pants Cotton

These Ethel Designer Pant from StyleArc (which I purchased as a set) sat in my ‘almost finished’ sewing box for over a year, after I deemed them not very successful.

After some unsuccessful purchases from them (back when they didn’t include finished garment measurements), I try to be quite savvy about picking patterns where it doesn’t matter that I need to grade at least a couple of sizes between my top and bottom.

Style Arc Ethel Pants in Linen

I’m not sure what these pants are made of (it’s a kind of silky feeling cotton twill-ish thing from a store without a website), but they’re glorious. The fabric feels delicious and has a decent heft to it. I wish I knew what it was so that I could buy more (in the unlikely instance that they’re still stocking the same mysterious fabric 2 years later).

Style Arc Ethel Pants Cotton 2

I threw the pattern for these out in a huff (most likely the paper got fed to the worms), but I really wish I hadn’t been so hasty. The pockets on these are glorious, and I really just need to shorten the elastic so that they stay up better. Realistically, I’ll probably just keep wearing them exactly as they are.

Sizing Details: I made these up in a straight size 24 but would give size 22 a go if I make these again.

By Jess, fat.bobbin.girl

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