Earlier in the year I partnered with Spotlight to make a pair of PJs and answered some questions about myself for their blog!

Muna and Broad is celebrating our 3rd birthday with 5 days of prompts for folks to share their M&B makes on Instagram and today, Unders & Loungewear day, I realised that I never got around to sharing the PJs I made on the blog!

Spinifex PJs Spotlight-086
Organic cotton Spinifex PJs and a Medlow Robe made from a waffle cotton sheet

I love me-made PJs because there was always something that was not-quite-perfectly-comfie about RTW PJs. The arms were always too tight or I couldn’t button the bottom buttons, often both things were a problem.

There’s also the classic problem that you never get the same options for fat PJs as straight-size folks get. I like to be able to choose exactly what I like, and to avoid any of those gross poly cotton blends. I do not want to sleep in plastic.

So, the Spinifex PJs are now my go-to sleepwear. Sometimes a full set or sometimes the bottoms with a matching knit top (I like a turtleneck in the winter).

Spinifex PJs Spotlight-126

I remember nothing specific about this project from back in July- I think I made a different size in the pants than in the shirt, but I can’t really remember. These slipped directly onto my body and are now in regular rotation in my sleep wardrobe. I’m never going back to buying PJs.

By Jess, fat.bobbin.girl

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