Cosy PJs!

I generally do try and take photos of the things I’ve made before I bring it into serious rotation, but these PJs have been well worn by the time I’m getting around to taking pics!

I actually made this combo in August 2021… so here’s my pics a year late!


The top is a modified Tarlee T-shirt (One of the hack toiles for this top) and the bottoms are the Spinifex PJs bottoms. One of my winter pain points is that my neck gets cold overnight unless I manage to keep my sheets up over my ears (but never covering my nose) all night long. The turtleneck of the Tarlee is perfect for keeping me cosy in bed… and on the couch.

The top is a viscose knit that’s quite stretchy but still hefty and the pants are actually a cotton fabric from the curtain section that’s crisp and smooth like a lawn. Clearly the print on the bottoms (lots of Australian flowers) required red piping and a matching red top.


Although I used to wear non-matching PJs sets, I really like feeling quite put together when I go off to bed- if I had to evacuate in the middle of the night I wouldn’t be embarrassed when the fire folks saved me (and Fifey).

By Jess, fat.bobbin.girl

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  1. Oy. I know they’ve seen worse, but I hate to think what the firemen would think if they showed up at my house. In fact a few months ago I suddenly realized that I had grown out of pretty much everything in my go bag, had to find another crop of stuff I don’t really like but would rather wear than be naked at the red cross shelter. Yours are some of the most glamorous pjs ever 😁. Thanks for the inspiration

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