Belemnite Dress

This week was the 2nd Birthday celebration of the Belemnite Dress from Marilla Walker. This dress has a couple of views and is available up to a 60″ hip.

Belemnite Dress-02

I can’t tell you anything about the project apart from that the dress looks lovely! Marilla sewed and sent me this very wearable dress toile as part of the fit testing for her size expansion.

Belemnite Dress-05

I can absolutely do the zip up and undo the zip on my own, because there’s enough movement for me to be able to lift it up to zip the part where my arm wouldn’t reach otherwise.

I love that the long tie can be tied around the back and is long enough to come back around the front again too. The length of waist ties is something that I’ve found some designers forget about when expanding their sizes, but this is perfect.

Belemnite Dress-01

In these pictures, I’ve looped the ties around, but you can see me wearing the dress with it tied at the back over on instagram. Although I don’t wear a lot of dresses, I do think this one looks quite lovely, and I love the juicy look of that sleeve!

By Jess, fat.bobbin.girl

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