Muna and Broad Capsule Wardrobe

I’ve been experimenting with testing out the mix-and-match possibilities of the current Muna and Broad pattern offerings.
A few years before I got in to sewing I tried to coordinate myself a black and white capsule wardrobe of nicer, work-appropriate clothes (I know now that neither black or white are great colours for me ). I definitely do still occasionally make a ‘wardrobe orphan’ from a fabric I love, or in a shape that I love, but which pairs with nothing else in my wardobe!


Above, clockwise from top left are the Torrens Box Top, Waikerie Shirt (View B), Waikerie Dress (View B), Glebe Pants (View A), Willandra Pants, Mallee Jacket, Nullarbor Cami which I’ve combined to make a small capsule. This is something like what you could pack for a week away (when we get back to travel).

With these 7 pieces, I’ve mapped out below the 23 different combinations that are possible.

There’s all kinds of information out there on different ways to make capsule wardrobes, different rules to follow (4 tops, 4 bottoms, 4 layering pieces, etc), but for this I just picked some items that work for cooler weather, and that could be paired easily.


Above, we have the subtle natural colour gingham Torrens Box Top and the mustard crepe Nullarbor Cami worn alone with the natural linen Glebe Pants (View A), and the plum tencel Willandra Pants. I also have the heavy-weight chambray Waikerie Dress (View B) worn as a dress instead of an outer layer.


Above, the pink linen Waikerie Shirt is worn both as a shirt and as an outer-layer atop the other options. Choosing tops that can do double-duty really open up the possible outfits for the capsule. One permutation that didn’t occur to me until after I took the photos is this pink shirt layered under the Mallee Jacket and the Waikerie Dress, which adds an extra 4 possible outfits


And here are the tops layered under the Mallee Jacket and Waikerie Dress.

This 7-piece collection was reverse engineered from existing pieces in my wardrobe which went together well- most of the concern is matching the textures and colours because all of my Muna and Broad makes do work together, just sometimes the colours look terrible together!

By Jess, fat.bobbin.girl

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