MyBodyModel for plus-size sketching

Recently I’ve made a lot more wardrobe orphans than usual (light sky-ish blue pants that don’t go with any of my tops being a prime example) and I’ve also not been sketching my makes as much. I’d like to start doing that more, both before I cut-and-sew but also before I purchase fabric. Hopefully this will cut down on the amount of fabric in my stash that I like, but can’t really see myself wearing (although I suppose I’ll have to get rid of some of my current ‘unwearable fabric’ first)!

I used my MyBodyModel croquis here and until the 3rd of February you can get 15% off custom croquis with the code SEWSOUTHERN.

I don’t get anything from telling you that, but Erica has offered to donate 15% of the sales from folks using the discount code towards the ticket sponsorship scheme for the Christchurch frocktails event I’m helping to organise called the Sew Southern Makers Night Out

I used my croquis to sketch out some of my upcoming sewing plans, and even though my sketching is terrible (I use the adobe sketch app on my phone), I still find it incredibly helpful!

MyBodyModel 3

Two of my upcoming garments are Elbe Cornell shirts (and a Cornell dress hack inspired by a currently unphotographed make from Naomi.Joy.Creates)! I already have the bright pink cotton, but I’d love a black silk noil shirt version too!

MyBodyModel 2

I’m planning a couple of jackets- on the left is a cropped version of a forthcoming M&B quilted coat pattern and also a Sienna Maker Jacket from Closet Case (I’ve never sewn any Closet Case patterns, but I’m excited to try this pattern since I’m in the size range)!

I got some heavyweight mustard linen for a steal and I’d like to make them in to the narrow-leg pants that we’re currently testing- it will be tough to squeeze the pants out of the amount of fabric available so I’m thinking I might either need to cut the pocket bag fabric out of a different fabric or I might perhaps omit the pocket section entirely! The boilersuit I will test in a natural coloured drill, which is quite lightweight for drill (but which I’m hoping will lead to a very comfortable boiler)!

MyBodyModel 1

We’re currently testing quite a few different patterns for M&B, including some narrow leg pants (which is already out being tested by other makers), and a boilersuit pattern (check out Leila’s glorious red version here).

Since patterns are so rarely shown on a body that looks like mine (even if the pattern comes in my size), it’s so important for me to try and replicate what the pattern might look like on me (even though my sketching on my phone is terribly untidy and looks pretty shoddy). Ultimately, I’d like to do this more before I even buy a pattern, to save myself wasted effort (and money)!

Do you sketch before you sew? sketch before you buy? neither?

By Jess, fat.bobbin.girl


  1. I’ve had a croquis for a while but don’t use it. I’ll try the Adobe program; being able to do this on my phone or a tablet would help.

    1. I definitely think that I’d be unlikely to use them at all if it wasn’t possible to do it from a digital device! Also, the more I practice drawing on my phone the better I do get (but unfortunately, I need to do a bit more than I did for these pictures :))

  2. Just want to say I love your blog and I am SO EXCITED about Muna and Broad. Have Glebe and Torrens ready to test and can’t wait for boiler suit and slim cut pants. Love what you are doing, love the aesthetic, and love finally finding minimalist patterns designed for my fat body!

    1. Yay! That’s really great to hear, and of course I’m thrilled to have found Leila because we enjoy similar patterns! Narrow pants will be out in February!

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