Zadie Jumpsuit in Marsala Linen

I’ve been planning my second Zadie Jumpsuit from Paper Theory since before I finished my testing toile version. This project has sat next to my sewing table for months- it was cut out and ready to sew, since the week that the fabric arrived by post. Since the weather has started to warm up, it was the perfect time to put together this Very Quick Project!

Zadie Jumpsuit in Marsala

I sewed this pattern up exactly the same as last time, except I cut the ties very long. Very long. Maybe even most of the length of my 3 metres of fabric. This does mean that I can wrap them around myself twice before tying in a very generous bow. It also means that going to the bathroom is extra dangerous because there’s so much extra fabric to try and keep out of dangerous (by which I mean accidentally getting wet)! I absolutely prefer this length though and will do the same next time

Zadie Jumpsuit in Marsala Linen

The Fabric: When The Fabric Store had a sale recently on their lovely milled linen, I took the opportunity to buy some of their Marsala Linen. I’ve also made a StyleArc Adeline from the same fabric, so I knew that I’d enjoy the shade as a Jumpsuit! One of the benefits with linen from The Fabric Store is the matching bias binding because (for me), life is too short to make bias binding. Also, if they ever start offering pre-made 1 inch ties, then I’d buy that from them too.

Fabric Consumption: I bought 3 metres of Marsala Linen and although I had some leftovers, I would have required some serious pattern tetris to get away with less. I also purchased 5 metres of bias tape, which I used most of because I used it to finish the arm holes.

Paper Theory Jumpsuit Marsala

Sizing Details: I made a size 24 top and size 26 bottom. I know a lot of folks are saying ‘size down’ but I love the oversized, relaxed nature and I love the look of the garment with so much ease!

What’s next for my Zadie Jumpsuit Pattern? Pattern hacks! I love this millenial pink wrap top hack, this floral version with elastic sleeves and this one from Emma’s Atalier. In terms of inspiring hacked wrap dress versions there’s this lovely check version, this gorgeous green spotted one, and this lovely summery black version from Tara at Paper Theory herself.

By Jess, fat.bobbin.girl


  1. I love your jumpsuit. The linen is a perfect weight and the color beautiful on you.

  2. Jess, this color and shape are beautiful on you. I know this is an older post and perhaps you can still answer my question–I don’t like clothes (jumpsuits, overalls) that pull or feel too taut in the upper back when I sit down; I want them to still be a bit loose. How would you rate this jumpsuit in that regard? Thanks for your feedback, I’m really enjoying looking through your makes!

    1. As designed, the jumpsuit is supposed to be quite loose and have a dropped crotch. A lot of the versions you’ll see on Insta will show it sized down, which was not the intention of the design.

      I think that if you made it according to the size chart (not sizing down), then this would be a winner in regards to comfortable looseness.

  3. Hi Jess!
    I absolutely love your marsala linen Zadie. I am in the middle of making one (size 26, patchwork scraps…), currently at the stage of joining the pocket pieces: but the pocket diagonal edge is shorter than the edge on the front leg piece (not matching like in the diagram). Did you have this issue? and can you advise me? It was all going so well and I don’t want to mess it up now.. I would be so grateful for your help ❤️🌺

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