Rose Dress from Schnittchen

Schnittchen Rose Dress Linen

This Rose Dress from Schnittchen is the first dress I ever made!

I had signed up for night-school sewing classes not far from my house and since I had read the Curvy Sewing Collective for years before I knew it would be tough to find patterns in my size.

So, like always, I’d done a lot of research before turning up for the first class and had settled on this dress which I decided would be very straightforward. I planned on sewing three of them, starting with this fabric (which excited me the least) and finishing up with a lovely white linen with blue checks (which ultimately didn’t become a Rose dress).

Schnittchen Rose Dress Linen 2

My one big regret from this make is that I had neglected to include the patch pockets (out of pure laziness), and I really wish that there was nothing in my wardrobe without pockets.

Size Details: I sewed a size 56 (the largest size), and am wearing it here with a 47″bust and 55″ hips.

By Jess, fat.bobbin.girl

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