ChCh Sews A0 printing!

I made an exciting purchase/investment recently, and I’m now the very proud owner of a large-format printer- so I can now print my own A0 patterns while I’m still in my PJs!

I do a lot of printing as part of the Muna and Broad pattern development process, and since the going rate for A0 prints here in NZ is $7, that was adding up pretty quickly! After a decent amount of number crunching, the numbers suggested that it could work, so long as I had somewhere in my new rental for it to go!


And, here it is! Right now, it’s taken over my dining room table, and led to a serious re-ordering of my work/lounge/dining space. But, I’m so excited to have the capability to be a bit more self sufficient, and to also offer prints for other local folks. It doesn’t make sense to print and ship patterns from me (most other countries seem to have printing that is a whole lot cheaper than the cost of printing large format prints here in NZ), but for now I’m printing for folks based in Christchurch and doing pickup by arrangement.

ChCh sews is here!

And so I’ve launched a new website ( and I’ve added another Instagram account to my app (@ChChsews) and I’ve got a Facebook page too (/ChChsews)!

A0 printing is $6 per A0 page, and I can also print A4 files too for folks who want their instructions printed, or for patterns that are just a couple of small pages (so aren’t worth printing as an A0)!

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McLean & Co, NZ Made Fabric

A couple of months ago (or maybe even late last year- time goes so quickly!) our national radio re-played an interview with two New Zealanders who were weaving short runs of traditionally-made fabric down here in the South Island of New Zealand under the name McLean & Co. Woven on a ‘Hattersley Domestic Weaving System’ from 1918, you can see some pictures of the weaving process here.

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