Melba top hack

I’m headed to Wellington later in the month for Camp Boom (a 2-day camp for fatties which I’m both super excited to attend, and very honoured to speak at), and I’m using the travel to justify sewing up a new little capsule!

Melba gathered top-23
I’m wearing Melba Top with linen Glebe Pants, my brightest shoes and my Fluff earrings.

I’ve shared some info about the travel capsule planning over on the Muna and Broad Patreon, but suffice to say it’s likely going to be a pink, plum and brown affair. I started off with what’s probably the 2nd quickest of my planned makes, which was very stupid. I really should have saved this one for a sweet little pick-me-up at the end of my other, much lengthier makes!

This top is a Muna and Broad Melba Dress which is hacked to have a gathered peplum at the bottom (it’s basically just a top-length version of my hacked/gathered Melba Dress). I gathered the full width of the fabric as a front and back piece for the top and the trial-and-error to get the right hem length reminded me why I so enjoy working directly from patterns instead of making decisions on the fly.

I had 2 metres of this ecovero challis which I got from Blackbird Fabrics in Canada (now sold out but this is similar, as is this), which isn’t a huge amount of fabric when you’re fat. My stash is full of 2 metre pieces and I wish past me had been a but less thrifty sometimes.

Melba gathered top-29

Anyway- I was quite taken by this print because it’s low contrast (for my low autumn face) and because the print reminded me of stretch marks. Next time I might crop the top part even more and start the gathers even higher- I can absolutely see a crisp cotton version of this hack where the gathers start closer to the bust apex.

More capsule makes coming soon!

By Jess, fat.bobbin.girl

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