Sunday Plus-Size Pattern Roundup #41

Welcome to #41 in my weekly plus-size pattern roundup! This week, I imagined a work-wear, or gardening-look vibe when putting together the roundup.

That’s not to say that I necessarily think that these particular bibs or overalls would be especially practical for outdoor uses, but a bit like cottage-core they have the vibe of outdoor activities!

Number 1, Belmore Jacket

The Belmore Jacket from Muna and Broad is available up to a 71.5″ hip

As always, M&B will grade this pattern up at no extra cost if the pattern is too small to include you.

You can get 15% off this new release by signing up to their email newsletter

Number 2, Burnside Bibs

The Burnside Bibs from Sew House 7 is now available up to a 61.5″ bust and 65″ hip

You get both the straight-size and ‘curvy’ version of the pattern with your purchase.

Number 3, Patsy Overalls

The Patsy Overalls from Ready To Sew is available up to a 54″ bust and 59 hip

Number 4, Cargo Pants

The Cargo Pants from Sew Me Something is available up to a 56″ hip

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By Jess, fat.bobbin.girl

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