Sunday Plus-Size Pattern Roundup #24

Welcome to the Sunday plus-size sewing pattern roundup! I’m trying to share 4 plus-size sewing patterns that are available up to at least a 50″ bust and hip.
You can check out all of the posts that are part of this series here.

Number 1, Kim Top and Dress

The Kim Top and Dress from Stokx Patterns is available up to a 59″ bust and 60″ hip

Check out the #StokxKimDress and #StokxKimTop hashtags on Instagram!

Number 2, Moderne Coat

The Moderne Coat from Blueprints for Sewing is available up to a 54″ bust and 53″ hips

Check out the coat on @sablecraft, and this colour-blocked version from @hello.littlefish

Number 3, Yoko Turtleneck

The Yoko Square Neck Turtleneck is a free sewing pattern from Jalie Patterns which is available up to a 51″ bust and 59″ hips

There’s not a lot of plus-size inspiration in the #JalieYoko hashtag unfortunately!

Number 4, Paulina Dress

The Paulina Dress from Sew Me Something is available up to a 49″ bust and 53″ hips

What is the Sunday Plus-size pattern roundup?
In every post I share 4 patterns- some are old, some are new- I do try to keep track of new releases and companies that expand their sizing!
Generally, I’ll only include patterns that I like (generally Indie patterns which are available as PDFs).
In order to be included, the patterns will need to have either bust or hip measurements of over 50″, but preferably they’ll have both.
I try to only share pattern makers who release all their patterns in their entire size range- I don’t want to support companies who are further marginalising fat bodies, or treating us like an afterthought! Check out all of the posts that are part of this series here.

By Jess, fat.bobbin.girl

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