Roundup # 2 of Sunday Plus-Size Pattern Roundup

Here’s the second part of the roundup of Plus-Size Sewing Patterns available up to either bust or hip measurements of over 50″ (but preferably they’ll have both). Check out the 1st part of the roundup here, or all of the previous posts in this series here.

Adrianna Dress

Fern Top

Elliot Sweater

The Elliot Sweater from Helen’s Closet is available up to a 56″ bust and 58″ hip

For inspiration check out this cosy make from leila_sews, thegreenviolet in the snow, this ribbed knit version from sew_and_saw, and this salmon version from sheila.okelly

Montrose Top

Kabuki Tee

Kabuki Tee from Paper Theory is available up to a 56″ bust and 57.5″ hip.

Check out the hashtag #KabukiTee on Instagram for some inspiration, or this double gauze version, this dress version, this version from daisysewcrazy, and this thrifted tablecloth version from rare.device

Factory Dress

The Factory Dress from Merchant & Mills. Their new sizes go up to size UK28 (or 57.5″ hip)

Collins Top

Collins Top from In The Folds is available up to a 51.5″ bust and 54.5″ hip

Check out this amazing version from @meanwhilemaker, this Collins from Applefranca, this dramatic raw silk Collins from Tasha and the #collinstop hashtag on insta.

Torrens Box Top

The Torrens Box Top from Muna and Broad is available up to a 71.5″ hip, but the sizes will be graded higher for you, if needed.

Check out this double-gauze version from Meg, this review on the Curvy Sewing Collective, this linen version from Jenna, this silk version from weboughtamanor, this hacked silk-noil version from whatlydiamade, a patchwork version from jessandhen, and my box dress versions (here and here)

Thayer Jacket

Thayer Jacket from Grainline Studios is available up to a 56″ bust and 59″ hip

I love the pink cord sample but other inspiring makes include Jen’s ‘Loon Watch’ Thayer, this other pink cord version, this version from chrichrimano, rare.device’s version, sewtospeak’s wide-wale corduroy version, and this toffee version from prof_pudge

Somerfield Coat

The Somerfield Coat from Elbe Textiles is available up to a 52″ bust and 54.4″ hip

Check out the Somerfield coat from Leila_sews, the check version from handmade_all_day, this plaid version from needlesnbeetles, and this plum version from 3rd_gen

Nathalie Bodysuit

The Nathalie Bodysuit from Untitled Thoughts is available up to a 56″ bust and 58″ hips

Ashton Top

Amy Parka

The Amy Parka from Schnittchen is available up to a 55″ hip

Check out this parka from @inselschwestern, this bright orange parka from @Garichild and the hashtag on insta

Laminaria Swimsuit

The Laminaria Swimsuit from Tuesday Stitches

Available up to a size 24 or 55″ hip

Check out some great photos from the pattern testers here or this great review from Wis for inspo.

Wide-Strap Maxi Dress

Wide-Strap Maxi Dress from Peppermint Sewing School by Elbe Textiles (this is a free pattern) is available up to a 51.5″ bust and 54.5″ hip

For inspiration check out; Christmas red linen from Katie_Parrott, green linen from TheLadyWhoLunches, white and black scribbles from MaggieWix,

Olive Jumpsuit

The Olive Jumper from Untitled Thoughts is available up to a 58″ hip

There’s not many examples of plus size versions of this- if you’ve made this, let me know!

Thelma Jumpsuit

The Thelma Jumpsuit from Merchant & Mills

Available up to 57.5″ hip and was released recently as part of the Merchant & Mills extended size range.

Looking for boilersuit inspiration?

Slouchy Cardigan

The Slouchy Cardi from Peppermint Magazine (AKA In The Folds)

This free pattern is available up to a size K or 45.5″ (116cm) waist and a 62″ (158cm) finished hip.

Have you made an inspirational version of this? I’d love to see it!

Sculthorpe Pants


The Sculthorpe Pants from Muna and Broad are available from a 46-71.5″ hip.

Check out versions from theladywholunches, frocksandfroufrou, leila_sews, irishsurprisesews, the CSC, and jessdoesallthethings

Rushcutter Dress

Rushcutter Dress from In The Folds

In The Folds patterns are available up to a 51.5″ bust and 54.5″ hip and drafted for B-cup. View A has 3/4 raglan sleeves and in denim makes for a great winter dress to pair with stockings!

Check out versions from twirlgirlbotique, nuno_studio, fabric_scraps,, and this plaid version from studioeventually

Fuller Cardigan

The Fuller Cardigan from Cashmerette

The Fuller cardigan is available up to size 32 which goes to a 62″ bust and 62″ hip.

Check out the sweater hack version on their blog and these makes from plumkitchen, sewcankenna, sierraburrell, tanyamaile, dairyofasewingfanatic and cookinandcraftin


The Tacara from Seamwork

Check out this ‘Same Pattern, Different Bodies’ post on the CSC which shows a lot of my favourite plus-size sewists wearing the pattern! Also check out Shannon’s plum Tacara here, this orange version from Sara of Fabric_scraps, this make from Michelle of Clayhen and this patterned Tacara from AshBetteridge.

Chandler Trousers

The Chandler Trousers from Untitled Thoughts

Available up to “size 16″ which has a 58” hip

Check out this lovely red pair from Sierra Burrell, and makes from bettyboopkin, and sandi.204,

Poppy Bralette

The Poppy Bralette from House Morrighan

Available up to a 61.7″ H/I cup bust

Check out this mini-review from @WhatLydiaMade

The 101 Trouser

The 101 Trouser from Merchant & Mills

Part of Merchant & Mills’ new plus-size range, there are available up to a size 28 (or 57.5” Hip). They’re drawstring trousers with a false fly and side pockets and are designed to sit on the waist.

Page Dress

The Page Dress from Elbe Textiles was released this week!

The dress has B cup and C/D cup options and is available up to a 54″ bust and 56.3″ hip

With a plain front and a tucked front option, this dress can be as involved as you choose!

Check out the dress on @cook_sew_love, on Lauren from Elbe, and on and on me!

The Rome Collection

Closet Case Patterns have released their Cielo, Pietra & Fiore patterns in their extended size range

The new size range for Closet Case goes up to a size 30, or 58″ bust and 61″ hip. To find this info on their website, select ‘details’ because they don’t include the size details of the extended sizing in the images (as they do for their original size range).

Hove Jacket

The Hove Jacket from In The Folds

This jacket is available up to a size J, which is a 51 5/8″ bust and 54 3/4″ hip.

Check out great versions from meanwhilemaker, sonicka, andsewnorth,

Cozy PJ’s

Cozy PJ’s from Laela Jeyne Patterns

This classic pyjama pattern includes options for sleepshirt or top and bottom (as well as variations for short and long sleeve).

Available up to 58″ bust and 58″ hip

Claryville Jeans

Claryville Jeans

The Claryville Jeans from Workroom Social have just been released up to size 28 (or 60″ hip)!

I’ve got a pair of these jeans mostly cut out, and now just need to find the time to sew them up!

Lichen Duster

The Lichen Duster from Sew Liberated is available up to size 30 (or 57″ hip) and is the largest size so far released by Sew Liberated

There are some great photos of the coat worn in versatile ways (including as a wrap dress of sorts). Check out these versions from Meg and Jacqueline! It’s also well worth a look through the instragram hashtag

Winslow Culottes

The Winslow Culottes from Helen’s Closet are available up to a 58″ hip

For some inspiration check out What Lydia Made, Sew Anemone, Crafting a Rainbow, Cookin’ and Craftin’, and Emotothethird!

Autumn Dress

The Autumn Dress from StyleArc is available up to a 61″ hip

Check out these versions from Katherine, Mie, Lara, Meg, and Megan!

Betty Top

The Betty Top from Schnittchen is available up to a size UK26 or 55.91″ hip

Check out this gorgeous short-sleeve version from Garichild, which is how I originally discovered the pattern!

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