20+ more free ‘eco’ sewing patterns

After sharing 15 free ‘eco’ sewing patterns last week, I got so many suggestions of other things that should be included in the next edition! While some of these items don’t necessary replace disposable items, they might be included because they’re fun or because they might be a way for you to avoid buying a similar product that’s made out of polyester!

Sew your own shoelaces from Sewing Party

Sew your own cloth pads from Little House Living

Or this pattern from Sewing Bee Fabrics

Fabric bowl cover from Hearth & Vine

After you’ve sewn some reusable baby wipes, make your own wet-wipes with this tutorial

Re-usable fruit and vegetable bags from 1 Million Women

Fabric laundry basket from A Beautiful Mess

Sew your own reusable sponges with this tutorial from Leader Sews

Cloth baby wipes from Red & Honey

Or this pattern for cloth wipes from Wholefully

A simple tutorial for sewing your own ‘scrubbies’ from Cappers Farmer

Another reusable food wrap recipe from Good House Keeping

Gym bag pattern from A Beautiful Mess

Sew your own napkins and tea towels from Closet Case Patterns

Travel laundry bag from Sewing with Scraps

Sew your own door snake to keep heat in with this tutorial from Eco Matters

Free Orton Bag pattern from Merchant & Mills

Sew your own garden ‘grow bags’ with this tutorial from Northern Homestead

Foldable Picnic Mat from FAB art DIY

Wrap pocket tote from Purl Soho

1 more tutorial for makeup wipes, this one from Selkie Patterns

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