10 Free Plus Size Sewing Patterns (part 5)

Have you missed part 1 or part 2 or part 3 or part 4 of these collections of free plus size sewing pattern round-ups?

I’d love to hear if you’ve made these patterns so I can include some examples with the listing! Let me know in the comments- or tell me if there’s a pattern that I might have missed! I’m finding more all the time, but it’s not possible to find them all on my own.

1. Maria Denmark Kimono Tee

Check out Gillian from Crafting a Rainbow’s version here.

Size: up to a 4XL or 52″ hip

2. Lunaria-dress from Mood

Can’t tell if I love the fabric more than the pattern here?

Size: Up to a size 22 or 51″ hip

3. Peppermint Magazine Jumpsuit

There are so many amazing versions of this online! I love this seersucker version, this chambray version, this barkcloth version, and also this excellent chambray version! There’s also this version with pockets, this lovely denim version and this spotted chambray version!

Size: Up to a 54.5″ hip

4. Laela Jeyne Patterns Mica T-shirt

Sign up to her email list at the link above to have the files emailed to you.

Size: Up to a 4X or 58″ hip

5. Ki-Ba-Doo Freebook Top Yumi

This is entirely in German, but is apparently straight-forward enough to sew if you don’t have any German skills. I couldn’t find the size chart, but I would assume an EU58 would be 50″+ at the hips. Please let me know if you can provide more information!

Size: Up to size EU 58

6. Max & Meena Saltwater Camisole

Get this pattern for free by joining their Facebook group.
Can be made with an optional shelf bra or you can also make the bra on its own.

Size: Up to a 4X or 57.5″ hip

7. Ash Pants from Mood

Size: Up to a size 30 or 63″ hips

8. SBCC Tonic Tee

Sign up to her email list at the link above to get access to the free PDF. Check out versions on Sweet Alchemy, Thornberry, Chrichrimano, and Happily Caffeinated.

Size: Up to 3X or 52″ bust

9. Rebecca Page Paris Party Dress

There are some lovely versions in #ParisPartyDress

Size: up to 5XL or 54″ bust & 50″ waist

10. Mary Quant Style Dress from Alice & Co Patterns for the V&A

Thanks to Samantha for suggesting this pattern which I had missed. Check out the V&A’s Pinterest board for inspiration or #WeWantQuant where people are sharing their makes!

I love this make from @DivineDita!

Size: up to a size 22 or 53″ hip

By Jess, fat.bobbin.girl

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