10 Free Plus Size Sewing Patterns (part 4)

Here’s the next installment of free sewing patterns for plus size ladies! There’s this post and this post and this post to catch up on if you’ve missed them!

1. Ruffle sleeve top from Peppermint Magazine (and In The Folds)

This pattern includes a great neck facing and I think I remember the instructions stepping you through french-seams in the arms. Check out the version I made.

Size: up to a 54.5″ hip

2. Melia Blouse from Mood

Although this picture shows gathered sleeves, it seems easy enough to make non-gathered sleeves.

Size: Up to size 30 or a 63″ hip

3. Hello Sailor Top from Fold Line

This pattern uses very little fabric, so could be a great use for fabric leftover from other projects!

Size: up to a size 24 or 55.5″ hips

4. YOKO Square Roll-Neck Top from Jalie

‘Square-shaped loose-fitting top with roll-neck, drop shoulder and semi-fitted sleeve’
Scroll down on the pattern page to see some great dress versions!

Size: Up to a size 24 or 54″ hips

5. The Avid Seamstress Drop Sleeve Top

Sign up to their newsletter to get access to the pattern, check out Emma’s versions here.

Size: Up to a size 24 or 51″ hips

6. Thyme Bodysuit from Mood

Size: Up to a size 30 or 64″ hip

7. Itch to Stitch Uvita Top

Size: Up to size 20 or 48″ hip

8. Bella Sunshine Eden Leggings

Get this pattern for free using the code in her Facebook group.

Size: Up to size 30 or 59.75″hip

9. hallå elora convertible dress & skirt

Sign up to her Facebook group to get access to the code.

Size: Up to a 51″ bust

10. Green Tee from Green Style Creations

Sign up to her Facebook group for the discount code.

Size: Up to a Size M or 62″ hip

By Jess, fat.bobbin.girl

http://www.broadintheseams.com/ https://www.instagram.com/fat.bobbin.girl/


    1. Samantha, thanks for the tip! I thought I had looked at this and the size range wasn’t great, but actually it goes up to a 53″ hip! What a great find!

  1. A warning for US-based folks: I downloaded it a while ago, but couldn’t get the Hello Sailor top from The Fold Line to print correctly. It only works on A4 paper, not the US letter size (as far as I can tell) — it cuts off the bottom of each page on letter-sized paper, even with margins maxed out.

    I was really disappointed; it’s such a cute pattern. Oh, well! I can always add a cut-out to a different tank top.

    And thank you for posting this, Jess! These round-ups are a wonderful resource! I’ve discovered so many new-to-me pattern companies from these lists. Please don’t think my warning is a criticism of your work. 🙂

    1. That’s very handy to know! It’s always great when folks make their files so that they print on both, or provide alternatives!

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