Sewing My Stash update

In December 2018 I decided that I would concentrate on sewing through my current stash of fabrics, and wouldn’t buy any new fabrics until my stash was empty. I haven’t managed to not buy anything new because there was that one sale that was too good to pass up, that fabric that I really just had to have, and also $12 a metre silk that I definitely needed.

But, since December, I have whittled by stash down to :
– 61.45 metres
– 25 different pieces of fabric
– 5 metres of the 61.45 metres are toile/muslin fabrics (56.45m)
– 14.6 metres of the 61.45 metres are bits of fabric that I’d part with tomorrow if I didn’t have regrets about the money that they represent (41.85m)
– 7.3 metres of the 61.45 metres are in pieces that are too small to be used for clothes (34.55m)
– 7.89 metres of the 61.45 metres has projects planned for them (26.66m)
– 26.66 metres of fabric that I like but I haven’t settled on a project for yet

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