Muna & Broad

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Who is/what is Muna & Broad?
Leila (@Leila_sews) and Jess (@fat.bobbin.girl) have teamed up to release plus size sewing patterns with the sizing starting where other pattern companies often end their sizing.

Why release the Glebe Pants?
The Glebe Pants were drafted with a full tummy and full butt adjustment built in. From the experience the testers have had, it seems that having these adjustments built in at this size range leads to a pretty good fit “straight out of the packet”.

What’s next for Muna & Broad?
Other releases in the works are a tapered leg pant (to complement the wide leg Glebe Pants), an easy to wear boxy top and an oversized shirt.  Sign up to the mailing list to keep up-to-date.

Who is Leila and how does she know how to make pants?
Hi! I’m Leila. I live in London, Ontario (Canada) but I’m from Sydney, Australia! I studied fashion at college with a focus on custom clothing production (patternmaking, grading, garment construction). I then worked in wardrobe for film and theatre and in a couture studio sewing beautiful bridal wear and high end garments before deciding that I wanted a different career. After that, I had a long break in my home garment sewing because after 10 hour days in the workroom, sewing felt like work!

Recently, I got my sewjo back. I was delighted to find an online sewing community and thoughtfully designed indie patterns! I’ve sewn some lovely garments and have appreciated the excellent patternmakers out there, however I found as a larger plus size person, many of the patterns I liked did not come in my size or required significant alterations to fit by body.

Once a body goes over a certain size, there are fundamental changes in its shape, especially in the tummy, hip, biceps, bust, and these require a totally different base pattern rather than simple grading. Lately, I’ve gone back to my production roots and have been patternmaking from scratch. It occurred to me that others in the community might like to try patterns that are made to fit them.

As it happens, on the other side of the world, Jess was thinking the same thing! We decided to release patterns where the sizing begins where others end!

Other releases in the works are a tapered leg pant (to complement the wide leg Glebe Pant), an easy to wear boxy top, and an oversized shirt.   We hope you enjoy making these patterns and look forward to seeing your makes!