Glebe and Gusset

I love a quick sew and I especially love a quick sew that I’ve memorised- the Glebe Pants were the first pattern that Leila and I released together and I’ve got the making down to a fine art where I can absolutely watch tv while I go through the pants-making motion.

New Glebe-17

I cut these out as part of a batch-cutting whirlwind (which included 3 Torrens Box Tops and another pair of Glebe) and I whipped them up on Sunday afternoon. This is a 7oz Linen Cotton Slub in Dusty Teal from Blackbird Fabrics (or it’s a Viscose Linen Noil in Ocean Mist) and I hunted down my leftovers from cutting out to cut out a Spinifex PJs gusset which I added into the centre crotch seam.

New Glebe-19

I did forget to take into account how much extra length that ends up giving in other spots, so I might end up shortening the rise on these (my first time shortening the rise on anything I think)!

Improv pieced scraps

I have real scrap guilt, and the 4 large lidded buckets under my A0 printer which are overflowing with scraps will confirm my story.

I recently undertook some batch cutting (3 Torrens and 2 Glebe Pants)- my scraps looked quite good together and I didn’t have room in my bins to add these in so I started piecing them together since that felt better than just guiltily throwing them out (or storing them in the dark for 2-3 years.

Improv Piecing

Everything I know about improv piecing I learnt from this post about Emily’s Grainger Coat. Clearly things being totally square and on the grain was not my major concern. I started by piecing together bits that I could get together (I started with the circus tent bit in the middle). I ended up with lots of bits which had 3 or 4 bits joined, some of them were more square or rectangular than others, and eventually I used my quilting ruler to square up the pieces and I started putting them together.


I didn’t pay much attention to the composition of the pieces- there was no attempt to balance it or make it look ordered.

It wasn’t until the very end that I started to try and make a specific shape to fill in a gap that was left (the top right is the bit that got made last and it has the smallest bits).

Below is a close-up of the circus-tent zone and a little checkerboard intersection which was quite pleasing (and yeah, I definitely did try to get them to intersect nicely but not hard enough that it doesn’t feel like a happy coincidence).


What will it become? No idea. Maybe a wall hanging or a cushion cover for the couch? The linen is nice for clothes but not particularly heavy-weight so I wouldn’t want to use it for something that gets heavy wear (like a bag).

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Double wine Torrens

This past weekend was a long weekend and I entered peak flow and undertook a cutting-out-and-sewing extravaganza!

I cut out 2 pairs of Glebe Pants (not pictured) and 3 Torrens Box Tops. I’ve had these 2 wine coloured fabrics in my stash waiting to become a Torrens for a while now, and I figured that by making them at the same time I could double up on my topstitching thread!

Wine Torrens-37

Above is blackcurrant linen from TFS and below is boysenberry double gauze from Blackbird Fabrics. Both of the tops are the Torrens with the M&B Patreon Bonus gathered sleeve, which I settled on when I realised I had enough fabric for long-sleeves. The bonus sleeves have generous gathers and are slightly longer to give a blouson over the cuff. I also appreciate that the elastic means I can comfortably shove my sleeves up my arms.

Wine Torrens-11

I made a Size F for both tops even though my bust measurement would put me in a Size E (and my narrow shoulders even lower). For the facing on the double-gauze top I used a different fabric and was very very gentle during construction to ensure I didn’t stretch out the neckline before I managed to attach the facing (double gauze is a jerk which I’ve learnt the hard way).

Wine Torrens-02

I’m hoping the shade will be a hit in my wardrobe (not without evidence since my wine Hyde T-shirts have been in constant rotation since sewing)! I also intend to wash this gauze up and have it extra crinkly to make the most of its lovely texture!