Fat ramblings on this most worn Huon Shirt.

Muna and Broad is celebrating the Huon Shirt & Dress this week, so I thought that meant it was a good time to take some more pictures of my Atelier Brunette viscose Huon Shirt, which gets a tonne of wear.

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There’s something about the Huon Shirt that makes me feel quite ‘elevated’, and although I initially thought I would mostly wear this voluminous top-half with more tapered pants, it most frequently gets paired with these natural linen Glebe Pants. Indeed, this is the exact outfit that I wore for my birthday dinner to a tasty local restaurant!

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I know that there are a lot of ‘unwritten’ (and indeed people on the internet and in real life) espousing style rules, like if you’re wearing something wide on the bottom, then you need to wear something more fitted on the top to ‘balance’ your body. Often those style rules come from a place of fatphobia- wearing wide-leg pants and then highlighting your waist with a tight top can be a bit like saying ‘don’t worry, the pants aren’t hiding anything, look how thin I am right here at my waist’.

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The more I wear this exact silhouette, the more it feels natural. Like getting used to a new haircut, you need to keep wearing the shape until it no longer looks foreign to you, and only then can you actually judge whether you like it. When I wear this relaxed combination I feel put-together, I feel like I am reflecting who I feel that I am, but I also also feel comfortable (I’m not constantly picking at or adjusting my clothes).

By Jess, fat.bobbin.girl

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